• What Is Dyspraxia?

    There are so many descriptions of Dyspraxia out there! Some seem to deal exclusively with the motor planning side, ignoring the more subtle effects on thought process.

  • Dyspraxia In Your Classroom

    Although not ‘the right label’ to get aide time in Western Australia, more and more children are recognisably affected by dyspraxia in each classroom. Here are some strategies for including those children in a mainstream classroom.

  • Book Reviews

    Want to read up on the subject? Here are some books we like. If you find a good book, send us your review!

  • Tell Us Your Tips

    This site is intended as a place of shared ideas and stories – if you find something that works for your child, maybe it will help another!

  • How Can I Help My Child At Home?

    There’s not much out there in Western Australia to help you work with your child. Here are some ideas for things to do at home…


What Is Dyspraxia?

Dyspraxia is a neurological impairment observed in 6-10% of children, predominantly males. It presents itself as a motor learning difficulty that can affect the planning and coordination of voluntary movements.

Unstructured Thinking

Dyspraxia also translates into a difficultly in trying to think about and organize actions and sequences, leading to language and learning difficulties. It is often compounded by Working Memory problems.

Also Known As...

Once called "Clumsy Child Syndrome", Dyspraxia is also known as Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD).

Harry Potter Has Dyspraxia

It really is a common issue and children can range on a spectrum from mildly affected to severely impacted. Read Here about Daniel Radcliff's success story.