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On November 17, 2013

It can be challenging and frustrating to be a parent to a child with dyspraxia.  You know the intelligence and beauty inside your child, and are constantly looking for ways to help them unlock their abilities.

This section is divided into several sections which offer information and resources to help parents help their children at home.

Brain Training

If you’ve read anything about brain plasticity, you will know that there are ways to stimulate the brain that have been shown to help with the symptoms of dyspraxia.  Every child is different and may have different underlying weaknesses in brain function that are causing their unique dyspraxic symptoms, so it’s good to read up on the subject and pick the brain training path that you think will help your child the most.

Most importantly, remember that any form of brain training will take an intensive and long term effort to really see results.  Don’t give up too soon.  Keep a diary of what they can do and how they progress so that you have documentation on what, if any, improvements are being made.

A big factor in kids who have cognitive impacts from dyspraxia is working memory.  Jungle Memory is an online brain training system for 7+ year olds.  If you have used them and can give your feedback on effectiveness, please send in your comments.

In Perth, another company that does nurocognitive training is Sonic Learning.  Their programs are not cheap, but they do provide good cognitive training.  Their 2 main products are Fast Forword and Cogmed.  You can read a study done about the effectiveness of Cogmed HERE.

If you can’t afford computer based brain training, you can still provide this to your child the old fashioned way!  The key to the process is working out exactly what is most difficult for them to do, then making up a game or activity that forces them to work at it for at least 30 minutes a day.  You can see some of the stuff I’ve made up here.

Stuff That’s Good To Know

Tips for improving spacial awareness:

An article about music and the brain:

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