What Is Dyspraxia?

On November 17, 2013

Dyspraxia is different for every child, every person.  What area is affected in one is untouched in another.  The best think I can advise is that you read as much as you can and list for yourself which aspects are applicable to you/your child.  You can then (a) better judge what is behavioral and what is dyspraxia and (b) start to put together a personal therapy plan.  Because the brain is plastic, and you never know what will help!

Let’s start off with some great websites that describe the disorder:

Here are some sites with VERY interesting information about brain training and the effect of learning music on the brain.  Working Memory issues go hand in hand with dyspraxia as it is the brain’s inability to remember the sequence of subtasks that causes the manipulative/coordinatory/expressive difficulties – it’s like trying to build a raft when the rope dissolves in water!

Gross motor issues are the central identifying symptom of dyspraxia.  But we know that the more physical activities we do with dyspraxic children, the better they cope and develop skills in all areas…

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